Getting Started & Going Solar

STEP 1: Evaluate

Evaluate your home and confirm going solar is right for you by reviewing the following:

  • Do you own your home?
  • Do you want to save on your electricity bill?
  • Do you want to protect yourself from rising electricity prices?
  • Do you have roof space – with little or no shading – facing north (a north-facing roof area is optimal)?

STEP 2: Information

Tell us what your looking for by completing the form in step 3 and getting a free no obligations quote.

Every home is different, so we will talk with you about your energy consumption and future requirements and customise a grid-connected PV solar system that is just right for your family

STEP 3 Get a Free No Obligation Solar Quote/Consultation

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STEP 4 - System Installation

If you accept the quote we will manage every aspect of the installation – beginning with the Aurora Micro generation Application and paperwork all the way to switching it on – and guarantee the installation goes as planned. Our Clean Energy Council accredited installers will get the job done safely and professionally so you can enjoy the seamless transition to clean, renewable energy produced at your home.

STEP 5 - Turn On

Once the installation is complete, we’ll notify Aurora that you are ready to have your import/export meter fitted. Aurora will progress the arrangements to have an import/export meter fitted. Aurora fit the meter and once fitted instruct the Installer to switch the generating unit on.

STEP 6 - Enjoy

Keep track of your electrical production and use – it’s fun to watch!